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Mobilność młodzieży i osób pracujących z młodzieżą

"My Little Country"
19.10-29.10.2014 Nove Mesto nad Vahom/Slovakia

The "My Little Country" brings together partners from Slovakia, Poland and Turkey, who are interested in developing regional tourism and services in which they would like to apply in the future. The aim of our project is to try to develop their own creativity and entrepreneurship. We want to see the world and the country from different point of view and look for potential how to change and improve it to make it attractive and in this way foster regional tourism.
8 young people from Poland, Slovakia and Turkey are involved in the project. They will work in international groups in order to create culturally and socially diverse and challenging environments. Group work will lead young people to develop many social skills and abilities. Each working group should create a business plan for tourism to help increase employment in the region. The results of the activities will be a business plan presentation in program Prezi and a Facebook page, where they will place photos and videos documenting the progress of the project activities during the project and the resulting presentation. Through the social network many interested young people will share the joy and excitement of the work on the project, which we believe will manage to achieve, but also share new experience, opinions and attitudes. Young people will  acquire knowledge, skills and practical experience in international cooperation to expand their personal and professional competencies for their future life but also for their future profession and allow them to adapt more easily to the labor market at home and abroad. Ideally, the most important contribution may be to increase their employability within the region. The project will result in  video document. Healthy lifestyle and environment are included in the project as an integral part of the development of regional tourism.
The project will create new partnerships, not only at school, from which young people come from but also, we believe, at the level of personal relationships and friendships. Personal relationships among participants built during  activities of the project may be beneficial even in the professional career of participants in tourism and thus become the basis for the common international business projects. Erasmus+ projects and opportunities that the European Union provides will be known not only to family members of participants, their relatives, classmates, but thanks to social networking to wider audience. Certainly the most striking benefit of the project will be developing of many competencies and skills that participants will demonstrate by preparing the  business plans and media presentations. We believe that increasing the personal qualities of all participants will enhance the development of regions of their origin.